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Cam Johnson

Account Director
Accounts Team

Cam is an expert on our clients’ industries and acts as an extension of their marketing teams—anticipating their needs before they know what they want. As an account director, he’s enthusiastic about great outcomes and is dedicating to making sure we stay organized with clear communications. Cam has a degree from Iowa State University.

Alma Mater

Iowa State University

Best Part of Your Job

Exercising both sides of my brain. While I enjoy critical thinking and the deductive, organizational, and logical aspects of my job, I also love being creative and using my imagination to help produce great work and accomplish client goals.

Can’t Live Without

My iPhone. It's insane, and kind of sad, how dependent on cell phones our society has become. (Myself included!) But they're so much more than a form of communication, they function as an organizational tool for our lives. But as Darwin (probably) said, "Adapt or die." Damn you, Steve Jobs.

Favorite Happy Medium Event

The next one. I’m always eager to see what’s next!