You Should Watch Abstract: The Art of Design

Netflix and chill can also be inspirational too. Art Director Doug suggests designers tune into this series, even after spending a full workday in the design world.

Bullet Journaling 101

Need a new way to stay organized? Director of Accounts Kristen reviews her latest obsession in project management: bullet journaling!

Facebook Ads—Beyond the Promoted Post

Facebook makes advertising easy for business clients, but Media Coordinator Nicki reviews how successful you can be when digging a little deeper into the platform’s offerings.

First Impressions are Everything

A good first impression can make or break an interview. Office Manager Lauren, typically the first person people see when they go to Happy Medium, has advice on how to make your first impression a great one.

Parental Leave: Why Is This Still a Debate?

Media Director Julie taps into her personal experience on the benefits of paid parental leave and why this should be an obvious standard in the United States.

In the Fight for Equality, Parental Leave Should Know No Gender

Happy Medium CEO and Founder Katie Patterson announces 100% paid parental leave for working mothers, fathers and adopting parents.


What exactly IS user experience? UX Director Ellen breaks it down in real-life, easy to understand examples.

The Times They Are A-Changing

The tech world is always changing. Creative Director Nick plays Nostradamus to give some insight on what game changers are on their way.

Road to 10k Instagram Followers: Month 1

After our first month of new Instagram strategies, we report back on what worked as we strive to get to 10k followers in 2017.

Dear Mary Tyler Moore

Account Coordinator Katherine reflects on the lessons that Mary Tyler Moore, and her characters, taught her along the way. She’s going to make it after all!