3 Tips for Surviving Your First Conference

Walking into a crowded, bustling conference room can be overwhelming without a strategy. Visual Designer Sarah Fisch gives some tips she learned after attending her first conference.

My First Command Line Interface Tool

Be the commander of the command line. Senior Product Engineer Kodie Grantham explains how Node.js is an unexpected yet unmatched tool for web development.

A Friendly Email: Just Do It

We’ve all heard “business before pleasure,” but does business have to be so straightforward and unpleasant? Media Director Julie Welch explains why it’s worth your time to add a personal element to your professional interactions.

This One Weird Design Trick Will Make the World a Better Place

When thinking of applications that help visual designers, Microsoft Word does not quickly come to mind. Art Director Doug explains why maybe it should.

The Importance of Cross-Channel Advertising

Advertising is all about getting in front of your customer often. Media coordinator Nicki explains how Happy Medium does this through cross-channel advertising.

How Team Happy Medium Re-Boosts

How do you recharge? At Happy Medium, our team takes advantage of our Open PTO policy to ensure we’ve got the energy and mental healthy to do our best work.

The Happiest Welcome from Happy Medium

Starting a new job can feel like an avalanche of new information. Visual designer Paige talks about how Happy Medium prepared her for her recent first week.

Why You Need Generation Z

They’re everywhere, and that’s a good thing! Know why you should be marketing to Gen Z and learn how it’s done.

Making Time for Self-Care

Are you practicing self-care? You should and UX Director Ellen shares 5 ways to relax your way to success.

Okay Kids, It’s Story Time – The History of Snapchat

It’s been 5 years since Snapchat ended up on every teenager’s phone. Lead Social Media Strategist Grace takes a look at the history of the app and whether it’s well-suited to brands.

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