Making Time for Self-Care

Are you practicing self-care? You should and UX Director Ellen shares 5 ways to relax your way to success.

Okay Kids, It’s Story Time – The History of Snapchat

It’s been 5 years since Snapchat ended up on every teenager’s phone. Lead Social Media Strategist Grace takes a look at the history of the app and whether it’s well-suited to brands.

How to Benefit From Your Work Environment as a Young Professional

One year in, Account Coordinator Katherine shares some of the insight from her first 365 days in the workforce. Listen up, YPs!

To the Recent Grad Still in Search of that Perfect Job

Listen up, Class of 2017! Account Coordinator Lilly was exactly where you were a year ago and has some advice on what to do now.

How My Bridal Party Experience Helped Land Me My Job

Six-time personal attendant to a bride Stephanie has learned that wedding parties are not too different from managing an executive’s schedule.

The Uncertain Future of the Internet

Developer Jamie Keomanivong thinks the nature of the free Internet is in danger. Find out why and what you can do about it.

Why You Should Care About Nielsen’s Shift Away from Paper TV Diaries

Rejoice, local TV markets! Neilson is changing the way it captures TV viewing habits and it’s about to make research a lot more accurate.

Happy Medium Goes Glamping

Happy Medium recently returned from our latest team retreat, a glamping trip to Clear Lake!

Web page jumping got you down? Google Chrome’s scroll-anchoring to the rescue!

We’ve all been there. You’re flying through reading a blog post and in the middle of reading, the page jumps and you can never find your place again. C’mon internet! But alas, a solution is upon us!

Dear Bailey

After 8 months of being Happy Medium’s social media intern, Bailey writes a letter to her past self about what she can expect.