Ready, Set, Goal!

Goals got you down? Sometimes there’s nothing more difficult than making (and sticking to) useful goals. Steph shares her own experience as a reformed goal avoider transformed into an avid goal setter.

Flex Scheduling

Times are changing and so are strict 9 to 5 work schedules. Senior Developer Jamie Keomanivong explains how Happy Medium has made flex scheduling a success and why he never wants to go back.

Interview Tips From A Hiring Manager

Nailing an interview takes a little common sense and a lot of preparation. Account Coordinator Jill Patterson shares some tips she’s learned from the other side of the process.

Much Ads Do About Nothing

From Cardi B to guacamole, the surprisingly tame Super Bowl LII ads were as remarkable for what they left out as for what they left in.

C is for Curiosity, Courage and Confucius.

There will always be a million reasons not to go after your dream—focus on the reason why you should. Lead Developer Page Smith says it all starts with curiosity.

5 Node Modules to Assist You with Your CLI Project

Making your own command-line interface tool? Developer (and Happy Medium wizard) Kodie has 5 modules for you to check out that will help you make a killer CLI tool.

5 Instagram Artists to Follow for Instant Inspiration

For the visually inclined, Instagram is a place to be inspired. Designer Sarah Fisch is on a calligraphy kick and invites you to come along.

Your Google AdWords Guide

Digital advertising is a necessity and Google AdWords are one of the biggest players in the space. Do you know what you’re doing to turn a little bit of copy into a sale? We break it down for you.

The Best and Worst Social Media Changes in 2017

2017 is over, which makes it the perfect time to look back at what worked—and what failed—on social media for the year.

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Designers

A new year means new goals and resolutions. Art Director Doug Choi has 10 that any designer should keep in mind going into 2018.

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