Web page jumping got you down? Google Chrome’s scroll-anchoring to the rescue!

We’ve all been there. You’re flying through reading a blog post and in the middle of reading, the page jumps and you can never find your place again. C’mon internet! But alas, a solution is upon us!

Dear Bailey

After 8 months of being Happy Medium’s social media intern, Bailey writes a letter to her past self about what she can expect.

Keep It Fresh

Nothing gets older faster than social media content. Luckily, Social Media Strategist Hayleigh has the insight on how to keep your content vibrant and interesting.

Giving Back Never Felt So Good

Part of Happy Medium’s culture is service. That’s why we like to take regular time to get out in the community and help out. Designer Sarah Fisch lays out all you get from giving back.

Why TF Isn’t My Site Showing Up on Google

Google is an unavoidable part of business. Is your site showing up there? Sam, Happy Medium’s SEO specialist, shows you how to rank higher.

What To Look For When Partnering With a Video Company

Brands need video but finding the right video partner can be tough. Happy Medium provides a guide of what to look for.

5 Things Every Happy Medium Web Developer Should Know

Thinking about applying for a web developer job at Happy Medium? Senior Product Engineer Kodie gives us his tips on the skills that every candidate should know.

You Should Watch Abstract: The Art of Design

Netflix and chill can also be inspirational too. Art Director Doug suggests designers tune into this series, even after spending a full workday in the design world.

Bullet Journaling 101

Need a new way to stay organized? Director of Accounts Kristen reviews her latest obsession in project management: bullet journaling!

Facebook Ads—Beyond the Promoted Post

Facebook makes advertising easy for business clients, but Media Coordinator Nicki reviews how successful you can be when digging a little deeper into the platform’s offerings.