Music & Lyrics (or Not)

Office motivation comes in many different tunes. UX Director Ellen Butler goes around the office to see what the HM team is listening to while they work.

A Guide to the East Village (through the Eyes of a Twenty-Something)

When people think of the East Village, they most likely think of New York. But account coordinator Katherine and East Village resident gives a few reasons why the Des Moines neighborhood will give it’s counterpart out east a run for its money.

’Tis The Season of Giving Thanks

The holidays remind us to give thanks. Account Coordinator Lilly Faucher asked around the office to find out what some of team HM is especially thankful for this season.

It’s Fall, Y’all

According to Executive Assistant Stephanie Reinhold, fall is “basically” the best. Learn her top five fall favorites.

My Ergonomic Journey

When you find the job that fits, make sure all your equipment does too. Senior Developer Jamie Keomanivong talks about the benefits of making your time in the office more ergonomically sound.

My Role As an Account Coordinator in 2014 vs 2017

Growth and success are what you make it. Account Coordinator Jill Patterson discusses her journey at Happy Medium and how she has grown in the past three years.

Interview Questions that Great Candidates Nail

Taking the time to hire the right employees saves time later. Creative Director Nick Renkoski shares a few questions that can highlight whether or not a candidate is the right fit for your company.

Web Development + UX: The Peanut Butter and Jelly of Our Time

Web development and UX are better together. Lead developer Page Smith explains how Happy Medium is on the right track with this harmonious pairing.

3 Tips for Surviving Your First Conference

Walking into a crowded, bustling conference room can be overwhelming without a strategy. Visual Designer Sarah Fisch gives some tips she learned after attending her first conference.

My First Command Line Interface Tool

Be the commander of the command line. Senior Product Engineer Kodie Grantham explains how Node.js is an unexpected yet unmatched tool for web development.

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