Welcome to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, er, Happy Medium. We are a full-service a la carte advertising agency and a bunch of obsessive Mad Men fans. As this week marks the end of one of our favorite shows, we wanted to honor it on our website. Take a look at our services and keep your eyes open for any Mad Men-inspired easter eggs along the way. To paraphrase Don Draper, what you call love was invented by guys like us…to sell your product.

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The Internet changes every day and your marketing strategy needs to keep up. It’s a new frontier out there and we couldn’t be more excited.

Media Buying

There’s more to media buying than newspapers, radio and television - but that doesn't mean digital is the only solution. It’s about getting all the pieces to work together.


Every great marketing campaign, commercial, website or flyer starts with a great idea. That’s good news for you because great ideas are what we specialize in.

Social Media

It’s the biggest part of your online life, so why isn’t it a big part of your brand? Social media is a game-changer, so let us help you win the game.

Working nice is just as important as playing nice, and good news: we can do both. Creating a balance is central to how we create amazing work that makes people happy. That’s why we only do work that we’re proud of.

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We operate on the crazy idea that when people are treated well, they stick around. We've found that a lot of our clients start working with us for one thing, then add more and more services until we've created a long-term partnership together. At Happy Medium, we want to make friends we can keep for a lifetime.

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