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WinnMed is a growing hospital system overcoming tumultuous changes in the healthcare market, public health, and technology.

While the institution has demonstrated agility in responding to these changes, their website was no longer accurately reflecting their progress. Happy Medium teamed up with WinnMed to redesign their website to better communicate with their audience, put their healthcare providers front and center, and improve access so they could be leaders in their community.

Our Approach

Providers Front and Center

While a majority of WinnMed’s providers were catalogued via the Yext platform, some were not. Happy Medium worked with the Yext API to interleave Yext and local provider data so that users had one seamless provider search and directory. This also made provider data easier to manage, making their directory more up-to-date and accurate.

Better Navigation

As WinnMed outgrew its old site, the navigation became increasingly more difficult. We audited the page list and contents to ensure that services and clinics were separate but linked and that the page titles matched their contents. This made it easier for patients and staff to find the information they were looking for.

Bedside Manner

Tone is important, even in digital spaces. Happy Medium introduced new standards to help shape the tone of the content resulting in a more natural approach to copy that felt warm while still maintaining professionalism. Included in these standards was a tone matrix that helped their writers understand how to flex the tone depending on context to match their audience’s situation and expectations.

See It All

A Resilient Start

Due to its unwavering focus on users and strategic goals, WinnMed’s site has proved to be a strong foundation for their digital efforts. So robust, that even after a recent rebrand, the website only had to be cosmetically altered with minimal effort. All of the pre-existing information architecture, technology, and tone have continued through, and is ready to take on new enhancements. Additionally, since launch, the site has increased engagement by users to their services pages, an undeniable success for the information architecture and content work in pursuit of satisfying user needs.