Welcome to Happy Medium. We are a full-service a la carté advertising agency. That means we can do pretty much everything you want, but you also don’t have to do everything with us. We’re cool like that. Basically, we’re the best friend ever.

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The internet changes everyday and your marketing needs to keep up. It’s a new frontier out there and we couldn’t be more excited.

Media Buying

There’s more to media buying than newspapers, radio and television. But it’s also time to stop pretending that digital is everything. It’s about getting it all to work together.


Every great marketing campaign, commercial, website or flyer has started with a great idea. That’s good news for you, because great ideas are what we specialize in.

Social Media

It’s the biggest part of your online life, so why isn’t it a big part of your brand? Social media is a game changer, and we can help you win the game.

Working nice is just as important as playing nice and we can do both. It’s central to how we create amazing work that makes people happy. That’s why we only do work that we’re proud of.

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We operate on the crazy idea that when people are treated well, they stick around. We've found that a lot of our clients start working with us for one thing, then add more and more services until we've created a long-term partnership together. At Happy Medium, we want to make friends we can keep for a long time.

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At-Work Nutritionist

Julie Welch

Cupcakes, cookies and donuts, oh my! Snacks are part of any office culture but being at work doesn’t mean you have to throw your diet out the window. It doesn’t mean you need to suffer in hunger either. Media Director Julie has all the tips to help you eat well from 9 to 5.