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Kum & Go might be defined as a convenience store, but to us, this client is a whole lot more.

With a roster of 5,000+ associates and more than 400 stores across 11 states, Happy Medium was eager to add a high-stakes client to our roster whose audience demanded no less. With a digital-first strategy, Happy Medium strategically led the work to shift a site currently speaking to stakeholders to a place where their audiences could engage—be it product announcements and app promotions or job seekers looking for a place to call home.

A Dynamic Web Experience

Before and After Slider

We built the new site so Kum & Go could make powerful updates to products, incentives, and initiatives. The site even offers time-specific incentives depending on what time of day it is.

3rd-Party Integrations

Another big feature of the site was ensuring it integrated easily with the tools the Kum & Go team already had in place. We set the website to connect to their human resources platform and a mapping tool they’ve trusted for a long time.

Campaign Creative

By The Numbers

  • Kum & Go success is conveniently here to stay.
  • 148% Kum & Go's app download goal in the first month
  • 248% increase in Facebook fans (now over 110K)


Creative Design Dev Video
The achievers that found the solution.


It’s more than what meets the eye in our web work for
Kum & Go. But the beauty is that users don’t need to know that. In the end, we want a client who is proud of the way their brand exists online and users getting the exact experience they expected.


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