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Tech and Customer Service Keep You On Your Feet

By Happy Medium

This month our standout experiences involve the intersection of technology and amazing customer service, clever cardboard engineering, and the value of going the extra mile in customer experience.

Fleet Feet Wins by Pairing High Tech with Great In-Person Service

I had a really great experience at Fleet Feet yesterday. I needed new running shoes, went in and they were super friendly right away. After I told them I was looking for new running shoes, they had me sign up on an iPad – then I got on a machine that did an analysis of my feet to help them determine which were the best shoes for me then the associate put all three on me, talked me through them and walked me through the results of my feet scan and helped me with tips for when I’m running to counter any issues they saw in the scan.

It was a great mash-up of technology and in person support. 🎉

Can also attest to this. I tried it out after you posted this. They even had a super breezy appointment sign up. 🙌

  • Katie Patterson – Founder | CEO
  • Doug Choi – VP of Creative

U-Haul Protects Your Dishes with Clever Cardboard Engineering

Not only do they have two variants of dividers that help you customize the spacing for everything in your kitchen cabinet, EVERY piece of the cell kit gets used. 

The outer shell of the Cell Kit has pre-creased folds that allow you to turn it into a spring to cushion the shock of the box being set down too forcefully. 

I’ve always loved cardboard engineering and this is one of my favorite examples. 🎉

It is life changing

  • Doug Choi – VP of Creative
  • Maren VanDenTop – Web Developer

Small Town Charm Can Be A Local Business’ Secret Weapon

While you’d have a hard time convincing me I should ever move back to small town Iowa, I was reminded this week that small, locally-owned businesses are often going way above and beyond to deliver excellent customer experiences.

When I got to my parent’s late last week, I realized after completing the 3+ hour drive that I was way overdue for an oil change, tire rotation, and my brakes were also making an unsettling noise (see me for more car care tips). Unsure of exactly how I was going to get this done conveniently in my hometown of only 6,000, with four dogs running around and a parent just out of the hospital, I finally made a desperate call to the local auto body shop yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon. Not only were they able to fit me in for an appointment this morning, they also picked up and dropped off my car, and threw in a free detail all completed today well before 5pm. Plus, they included this super cute cookie! 💖 ✨ 🍪

  • Carina Woodward – Client Success Lead

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