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The 4 Best Experiences That Helped Us Get Through February

By Happy Medium

We’re putting our heads together to come up with the best experiences that helped us through the harshest month of the year. We’re doing this for a few reasons. For some, it’s fun to crow about the things that make our life more bearable. For others it’s about not taking the good things in our life for granted. But mostly, we want to be more mindful of how great experiences impact our lives so they can inspire to do the same for our partners. Let’s take a look at some of our team’s favorite experiences in February.

Target February Experiences

Target’s Addition of Starbucks and Returns to Curbside Service is a Big Hit with Parents

Source: https://techcrunch.com/2022/02/23/target-to-add-starbucks-orders-and-returns-to-its-curbside-pickup-service/

They know their target audience so incredibly.

That’s pretty damn good. Get your groceries picked out and put in your car for you and get a coffee in  your hand all at the same time.

AND GIVE THEM YOUR RETURNS without going in! It’s a parents dream. 🙏

  • Katie Patterson – Founder | CEO
  • Kodie Grantham – Lead Engineer / Systems Administrator
Covid Test

Covid-19 At Home Tests That Help Prevent Fumbles

I’ve taken my fair share of at-home rapid Covid-19 tests over the last year and the one thing I really appreciate, other than the science behind it all, are the clever test holders incorporated into the box, or into the internal packaging. It’s incredibly thoughtful to provide a stable base for the tiny fiddly plastic test tubes that determine whether we feel safe enough to see other people we care about. It makes me feel better about my own clumsiness, our curious cat, or the sheer amount of desk/table clutter that a Covid-19 test might be taken around.

  • Doug Choi – Creative Director
Chakra UI

Good Documentation and Ease of Implementation make Chakra UI a Win with Our Devs

Source: https://chakra-ui.com/docs

Through my React research I found Chakra UI which is a lightweight, front-end component library. Their documentation is super clear, the components are editable and interactive right in the documentation, it’s easy to implement, and they even released a Figma Kit. Truly a rare occurrence in the dev world.

  • Maren VanDenTop – Web Developer
Chewy February Experiences

Chewy Subscriptions Take a Load Off Our Minds While Still Being Fast and Flexible

I’ve had many great experiences using Chewy to order things for my pets. I can make an order one day in the afternoon, and the order is on my doorstep the next day. I also recently enrolled in their auto-ship for food, which was a quick and easy process and also saved me money. As I got closer to my first auto-ship order being fulfilled, I realized I needed it sooner, and I found it extremely easy to change this date on their website and my package arrived exactly on time. Their communication, UI and shipping are top notch.

I use Chewy too! I always order my groceries online and have them delivered but nowhere would deliver me a 50 pound bag of dog food every two weeks for my three dogs, but chewy does automatically and it’s so nice because I just don’t ever have to think about dog food anymore, it just shows up on my front porch.

  • Sarah Chesling – Senior Visual Designer
  • Kodie Grantham – Lead Engineer / Systems Administrator

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