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Pill Packaging, Not So Long Lines, and Ads by Mothers for Mothers

By Happy Medium

Our most memorable experiences lately traverse the great public spaces and the isolated indoors. We revisit a Mother’s Day ad from earlier in the year that really pulled at our heartstrings, praise the packaging for antiviral pills, and spend less time in line at the state fair because of advance ticket purchasing.

Foolproof PIll Packaging for the Feverish


After two and half years of somehow avoiding Covid-19 I finally slipped up somewhere.

I was lucky enough to get access to Paxlovid to aid in my recovery and I realized that it’s actually two drugs. Despite the initial confusion, I was thankful for the incredibly clear packaging they provided for the standard five day prescription. 

Each pill is clearly labeled in the pack, and they split up the morning and evening doses by color. I was really expecting them to just hand me two bottles and call it a day, but this really helped my feverish brain puzzle things out more easily. And the used blister packs helped me keep track of how far along I was in my course of treatment.

  • Doug Choi – VP of Creative

State Fair Somehow Circumvents Long Lines


This year I went to the Iowa State fair a couple of times which means lots of corndogs and 27-degree beer. Part of me was not looking forward to waiting in all the lines during a weekend, but I was impressed with how efficient the fair has become. I know depending on what you did, the lines could still be long, but I had the best experience with it. 

There was an emphasis on buying tickets in advance more than ever which has greatly changed how getting into the fair looks. For starters, DART still offers their shuttle for half-off fare if you buy a state fair ticket in advance. 

Once I got to the fair, there were no lines to get in. One of my friends didn’t get a ticket in advance and there was absolutely no line to purchase one. 

In other years, I would have waited 15 minutes to get in. Everything was so well directed. Even the longest food lines moved quickly this year for me and I attribute that to food stands having very efficient processes for charging credit cards and placing orders. 

I like that I spent less time in lines (even on a busy Saturday) and more time enjoying it.



I also had a great experience with the DART park and ride. We went to the Center Street one this year and never had to wait long. Some people paid $20 to park in a muddy lot once, I went to the fair 3 times and spent $6 total to get there and back for both Trenton and I!

  • Bill Hitt – Client Success
  • Sarah Chesling – Senior Visual Designer

Mother’s Day Ad Hits A Homerun with Heart


This is the absolute best Mothers Day ad I’ve seen in my life featuring their CEO and their own team who is mothers speaking to their support of families for their team members, and showcasing their own product during it.

Katie Patterson | Founder & CEO

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