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Strategic social has never looked so good.

As one of the most respected and fastest-growing lifestyle brands in #DSMUSA, Happy Medium was honored to sit down with core team members of Salon Spa W to lead a strategic work session. Taking a moment to realign on the brand’s mission, vision, and values allowed Happy Medium to help create a social road map for this iconic salon to easily navigate.

Added Value

Social is often seen as a fast-paced and ever-rotating cycle of content. While we need to work quickly and react within these vehicles, taking the time to stop and ensure strategic alignment by internal stakeholders will always be king when it comes to planning social content. Tweets change constantly, brand values should not.

Social Snapshot

Client Testimonial

As a leader, you know in your heart what you are trying to bring your team, your clients, and the community—you know your true north. Happy Medium made a beautiful, inspiring road map for us to reach our true north.”

China Wong Founder, Salon Spa W


  • Proof that when you combine style with strategy and substance, you get social success.
  • 7 workshop participants
  • 58 pages of company values, beliefs, best practices, and inspiration
  • 1 happy client


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When you’re a lifestyle brand, your business depends on looking good. So does your social content. Through strategic sessions or social style guides, Happy Medium partners with brands of all sizes and styles to keep your social strategically looking and sounding its best, and to keep your own social team well-Liked.

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