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Imagine taking your favorite magazine and watching it evolve into a high functioning continuing online classroom. 
No sweat.

The Art of Education partnered with Happy Medium to create a new website in 2016. Complete with graduate level courses, lesson plans, videos and all the best resources available for art teachers, they looked to Happy Medium to build a site that could handle the traffic, complexity and incredible growth rate of their company. And for this, we give them an A+.

Custom Visuals

3rd Party Integrations

We integrated the site with multiple external resources that AOE was already using such as Schoology, Freshdesk, Intercom, Wistia, Mailchimp and integrated a custom social security number management system which took the AOE site to the next level of security and integration, a must for an online company.

Page Smith Lead Developer


Call it best in class, front of the class or one for the books, a successful partnership continues to pass with flying colors.

  • 67% The increase in internal site searches
  • 20% Longer time spent on site
  • Unique users rose by 21% to 1,330,828


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The achievers that found the solution.


Through visual identity, wayfinding, integration and communication, the Art of Ed is paving the way for the future of higher education in the art world. Supporting our country’s teachers to keep creative thriving is a subject we’re honored to get behind.


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