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Introducing The Pulse: Happy Medium’s Branding Workshop

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Introducing The Pulse: Happy Medium’s Branding Workshop

As marketers, we tell people all the time that their brand is more than a font, a logo, or colors. We tell people that a brand is what you need to stand out, and without a strong brand, your business can easily get lost among the competition.

What marketers don’t always do a good job with is explaining how a brand should connect with your business and how to build a brand that connects with your target audience as well. Even the term “brand” can be a bit mystifying for business owners who aren’t well-versed in marketing lingo.

A brand, as commonly defined by marketers, is the way a company or organization is perceived by those who experience it. Everything from a logo or slogan to in-person customer service contributes to a brand, which makes it even more difficult to know where to begin building one.

That’s why we developed the Pulse Branding Workshop. Our work with clients of all sizes has revealed that the most common challenge facing marketers is building a brand that accurately represents their business while also making it appealing to consumers. There’s often a disconnect between what a business thinks about themselves and how customers perceive them.

The Pulse Workshop is designed to define the fundamental characteristics of your brand that connect with your customers. We get to the heart of your business, figure out what makes it tick, and use that information to diagnose the gaps between your desired brand image and your marketing.

What is the Pulse Workshop?

The Pulse Workshop is a full-day workshop where a business collaborates with experts from Happy Medium to clarify the core tenants of their brand. Before the workshop itself, we build a custom workbook that we will use to guide businesses through the steps of building a brand.

Our approach to branding workshops puts the business in control of its own brand. Like bumpers on a bowling lane, our experts are there to guide the participants towards an objective, not to muddy a brand with our own input. Consider our role to be more like a college professor leading a discussion than a lecturing high school teacher.

But the Pulse Workshop isn’t just for businesses to learn about themselves. We use the workshop to diagnose the health of your marketing efforts and to provide personalized recommendations and marketing strategies that put your businesses in front of the right people.

What Do You Learn From a Pulse Workshop?

The Pulse Workshop will help businesses strengthen their marketing by focusing on three primary components of a strong brand: brand attributes, target audiences, and brand messaging.

Brand Attributes & Position

Brand attributes are things like voice and tone, logo, color system, and slogan. These are the things that initially come to mind when people think about brands, and since they’re the most salient aspects of a brand, they are also the most important to define.

The Pulse Workshop isn’t designed to come up with a new slogan or logo—most businesses already have that. Instead, we focus on extending these existing brand touchpoints to different aspects of your marketing, like the attitude or tone of your brand.

Target Audiences

The work that goes into building a brand is only effective if that brand connects with a specific target audience. Most businesses have a grasp on who their customers are, so the Pulse Workshop focuses on understanding the minds of existing and targeted audiences to determine how to connect with them.

Bridging the Gap

Brand attributes and target audiences form the foundation of any marketing strategy, but the rubber meets the road when it’s time to reach your audience. Happy Medium’s experts have plenty of experience crafting communication that takes brands from their current position to their ideal place in the minds of consumers. The Pulse Workshop is our chance to apply our expertise to the specific needs of your business.

What Happens After the Workshop?

The Pulse Workshop results in two main outcomes. The first is a firm understanding of your brand and how it can connect with your customers. The second outcome is a bespoke marketing plan built from scratch by Happy Medium.

As we lead businesses through the Pulse Workshop to help them learn about their own brand, we are also gathering the information we need to provide thorough and personalized marketing recommendations to elevate the brand and connect with consumers.

These recommendations come in the form of a marketing brief that summarizes our own findings from the workshop, identifies the greatest opportunities for brand growth, and proposes tactics to capitalize on these opportunities.

Let’s Get Started

A brand without a pulse is a brand on life support. We want to give your business the jolt it needs to find its footing among the competition and establish a brand built to stand out.

If you’re ready to find your pulse, learn more here and contact us to schedule your workshop.

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