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Prevent Child Abuse Iowa needed its website to be uplifting while emphasizing resilience and progress against a difficult battle.

Prevent Child Abuse Iowa (PCA Iowa) has been working since 1975 to make Iowa safer for kids. Communicating with statewide partners is a critical piece of the nonprofit group’s work. We were honored to help modernize its website to support that outreach.

The group had several goals for a new site:

  • Fully and clearly communicate PCA Iowa's mission
  • Develop a modern look that bridges with the group’s Connections Matter® program
  • Restructure the site for better internal and external user experience, with an eye to SEO and increasing site visitors
  • Develop the site as a resource for local partners


Our teams took an integrated approach toward solving PCA Iowa's needs—thinking holistically about the group’s goals, its current user demands, but also potential future growth. As importantly, we had to be strong stewards of the nonprofit’s limited resources so that this site would last well beyond its current state.


To thoroughly communicate PCA Iowa's mission, the creative team helped perform an audit of existing site content. We shaped the site to be leaner and more direct, helping users find what they need faster. By focusing the messaging and organizing site architecture, we reduced the overall number of pages on the site and made it easier to navigate.

Modern Look

Our design team created a visual system that balances the serious nature of the work and the energetic, hopeful feeling it needed to convey—while complementing the Connections Matter® initiative. Typography, color palette, iconography, and imagery all work in concert to achieve this balance.


Our UX and design teams created clear paths for users, driven by action and purpose. We brought advocacy to the forefront but allowed different users to find their way to education, training, and prevention when needed.

Each page along the user paths was crafted for SEO, to improve on-page readability and to improve PCA Iowa's likelihood of appearing in the right search results.

Local Resource

By creating a resource library and helping the group catalog and index its vast collection of resources, we made it easier for local prevention partners to find exactly what they need with the fewest number of clicks.

We also put training on main menu navigation and integrated event and training registration into site pages. From small group training up to the statewide conference, visitors have access to the full depth of PCA Iowa's experience and knowledge.


  • With any good website, long term results are the desired outcome. But this immediate ROI—just a few week’s performance—is a welcome bonus.
  • 122% increase in page views
  • 73% increase in organic traffic
  • 56% increase in new users

Client Testimonial

Prevent Child Abuse Iowa was thrilled with our new website design from Happy Medium. The new site brings our mission front and center while providing positive, action-oriented messaging for our varied audience.

We have a lot of content on our site, and the new navigation and resources sections Happy Medium developed provide a simple filter for accessing what we offer. Our previous site was so outdated, it was rarely an effective part of our communication strategy. It’s been exciting to be able to integrate all of our ongoing work into our new site in a platform that is easy to update, post, and share.

We loved working with Happy Medium and the design process was intuitive, thorough, and well-run. Thanks to the team for making this big project successful for our organization!

Alli Moerman Marketing and Development Manager, PCA Iowa


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Just a few weeks after launch, the new site was thriving. PCA Iowa's goal of restructuring the site to focus on SEO and increasing traffic was showing strong results. Total users were up by 56%, and new users were up by 55%. Page views were up by 122% and pages per session were up by 51%. The bounce rate had fallen by more than 58%.

Organic traffic, meaning people coming from search engines, was up by a full 73%, and traffic from social media was up by an astounding 420%!

PCA Iowa now has a high performing site that will be able to grow and evolve for years to come.

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