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Jerry’s Homes had a rock-solid foundation, but its outdated website was showing its age. We built them an online home they could grow into.

With over 60 years of building communities, know-how was not an issue for Jerry’s Homes. What they needed was a site with curb appeal. We used content, design, and site structure to build an effortless user experience so that all guests feel right at home.


Location, location, location. From the site’s main navigation, to search engine optimization (SEO), our efforts centered on putting important information in the right place for users to find it. Jerry’s Homes has plenty of experience and accolades to share, but it needed help providing users with a clear idea of what services they offer and what sets them apart.

Our Approach

Unlike those home improvement TV shows, our work goes deeper than surface-level updates. Here’s how we tackled the project of Extreme Makeover: Website Edition.

User Experience

The old Jerry’s Homes website made it difficult for users to understand the services they offer. We updated the main navigation to provide an instant overview of the business so users could find their way around. Finding a home or building one yourself takes enough work. We built a website that’s easy to navigate so users can save their energy for the important stuff.

Design and Layout

As a company with a proud history of building beautiful homes, photography was a focus for Jerry’s Homes. We employed a design strategy that put images of homes and communities at the forefront of design to let the craftsmanship do the talking. We also incorporated Jerry’s Homes’ new branding throughout the site for a consistent and modern look.


With images of the homes taking center stage, we used written content to offer assurance and instil confidence to customers. The tone of voice is warm, inviting, self-assured but not cocky. We made sure that new site visitors understood that a home built by Jerry's Home is one built by quality professionals who have an expertise they can trust.


What’s the point of building a new website if you’re going to leave it on a dead end street? SEO strategy in developing content to target keywords and keeping site speed, ease-of-use and user experience as a primary focus makes sure that the Jerry’s Homes website rank high in search engine results for continued success.

Custom Digital Tools

Happy Medium developed a proprietary tool called hmRDX that integrates real estate Multiple Listing Service (MLS) databases with the Jerry’s Homes website. This makes it easy for real estate agents to list homes built by Jerry’s Homes on the website and lets users easily browse the listings.

By the Numbers

  • Square footage, addresses, bedrooms and bathrooms. There are plenty of numbers that tell the story of a home. These numbers from the Jerry’s Homes website tell the story of a hot digital property.
  • 25% more pageviews than previous website
  • 36% increase in visits from organic search
  • 64% of site traffic is organic


The achievers that found the solution.


Like any good home, we started building from the ground up. The result is a timeless website that allows Jerry’s Homes to continue putting its work on display for decades more to come.

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