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A brand’s strength can sometimes depend on its ability to step back in order to move forward.

Innovative Captive Strategies first came to Happy Medium thinking they might want a new logo. But honest conversation helped unearth a greater foundational need to ensure they were creating and communicating a brand strategy rooted in the brand’s core beliefs.

Before and After

Before and After Slider

ICS was looking for a new logo, but what they needed was a system to talk about themselves. They spoke a lot about the relationship between ICS, their clients, and their partners. They kept coming back to those three. We wanted a logo that was flexible, interpretive, and representative of that relationship. The triple bar was born.

Custom Creative

A Look Inside

Innovative Captive Strategies doesn’t act like any insurance company we know. They have energy, they have swagger, they have fun—all rarities in their industry. To make a video that truly captured who they are, we turned the cameras on them, their hip office ,and their family atmosphere. We ended up with a 4,000-pixel handshake.

By The Numbers

  • See also: Innovative (Capture Your Audience) Strategies. Our partnership continues to do business together, boldly.
  • 14% higher average time spent on site (according to industry standards)
  • 3.44 average pages per session
  • 55% higher pages viewed per session according to industry average


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The achievers that found the solution.


Our work with Innovative Captive Strategies ensures every client touch point is a moment of bold brand truth. Because we believe in the power of their brand as much as they do.


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