Web Design Process

When you’re ready to move forward working with Happy Medium on a new website, here’s what we’ll do:

1. Discovery Meeting

You’ll get the chance to sit down with us for a Discovery Meeting, which hits all the key points of what you’re looking for in a new website. This will be anything from what basic functionalities you’re expecting to more advanced things, like the color of buttons and the content of the homepage.

Our interactive team bases a lot of decisions on your responses in this meeting, so we look for as much feedback and guidance as possible from you in order to best represent your brand on the Internet.

2. Evaluating Site Goals and Content Hierarchy

After completing the discovery document, our interactive team will sit down and discuss your site goals in depth.

We’ll look at how to prioritize different content to different user personas, and we’ll build out a sitemap which reflects a content hierarchy best suited to meet your goals.

Each decision made by the Happy Medium interactive team will be a direct reflection of your site goals — be it a design change, placement of copy on certain pages or the placement of navigation throughout the website.

3. Execute Design and Development Process

No matter which point we’re at in the design and development process, we want you to feel included. It is your brand and business being represented, so we will present a mockup at each step for you to approve before we commit to developing the website.

Unlike print design or TV advertising, the Web is a flexible and changing medium. This means you have the ability to be adventurous and bold in your website decisions without fear of being unable to change your site if something doesn’t work as well as you wanted. Happy Medium understands this and is totally committed to exploring a future relationship with you as your website (and client base) grows and changes.

Our interactive team is a group of web experts committed to providing you with the most future-proof site available. Our skills aren’t constrained to any codebase or server software like many other web design companies. Happy Medium’s goal is to provide something that fits your needs and simply works, just for you.

Ready to begin the process? Get in touch today for a free estimate.