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Doug Choi

Creative Director
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Doug is Happy Medium’s creative director and is passionate about creating, modifying, and translating brands that straddle the digital and traditional divide. He constantly challenges himself to find impactful solutions for clients of all shapes and sizes. Doug holds a Master of Arts with a concentration in graphic design from Iowa State University and Bachelor of Arts in film and media studies from the University of Rochester.

Alma Mater

Iowa State University

Best Part of Your Job

I’m fond of the long game in general. We do a lot of work that takes strategy, patience and conviction to make happen. And when it does, it’s a great feeling.

Can’t Live Without

The internet. I vaguely remember a time before the internet and I don’t remember it being all that great. Not that it’s not without its share of problems, but in general I think it has been a force for good.

Favorite Happy Medium Event

Spring Cleaning. I tend to accumulate a lot of knick knacks, folders, papers and other things throughout the year. When our Spring Cleaning event rolls around it always takes me the longest but I’m always quite happy with the result.