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Video is storytelling in motion. When you talk about yourself, say it in a way that’s smart, enhances understanding and is undeniably you.

  • Uncommon

    Say goodbye to unoriginal videos. Happy Medium is made up of creative storytellers who can translate your message into motion. By listening and distilling what’s really important to your brand, we capture you on camera.

  • digital

    Video is an active medium. And much of that action happens after your video is “finished.” That’s when we connect your story with its digital audience, making sure that the people you want to talk to are listening.

  • strike up
    the brand

    The good news? No other brand has your story. The better news: video illustrates that story unlike any other medium. In the choice between showing and telling—let’s put on a show.



Lights, camera, happy. From commercials to skits, Happy Medium 
is bristling with stories to tell.


Genuine, authentic interviews are a great way for brands to tell their story directly.


There are some ideas that can’t be put into words. Video shows the what and the how and, most importantly, the why your story matters.

You’ve got a story.
You’ve just found your storytellers.

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