Video is everywhere, with 300 hours of online video being uploaded to YouTube every minute. And with 28% of customers making purchases based on seeing a branded video, shareable content isn’t just a digital advertising trend; it’s a space your company can hardly afford to shy away from. From television commercial campaigns to corporate videos to engaging online and live videos, Happy Medium can help you produce and deliver the perfect moving image.


Video is essential for digital marketing and with Happy Medium behind the camera, we can produce the right video content for you. Whether you have an idea you want to develop, need an idea to commit to video or even have created video that needs digital animation or other post-production effects, Happy Medium can make it happen. We are prepared for productions of any kind, optimized for screens of any size.


Happy Medium shoots in 4K, which refers to the amount of pixels in each image. In short, more pixels means higher quality and 4K is one of the highest quality formats on the market. Shooting in 4K is an intentional decision to be ahead of the curve in multimedia production, but as screens keep getting better and people purchase 4K televisions faster than anticipated, you can feel confident that your video is being shot in a format that will be the dominate one for the next five years or so (which is a long time in digital marketing terms). It means shooting video that is going to look good on all screens now and, just as importantly, retain its quality for years to come.


Further, Happy Medium owns its own 4K cameras, so the investment of being cutting edge doesn’t find its way to our client’s bottom line. Without having to rent cameras or use third parties, those savings get passed directly to you. The versatility of our 4K cameras allows our videographers to shoot in more locations regardless of lighting or space, which lessens the chance that we’ll have to rent costly lighting or audio equipment. In short, we’ve made a technology investment that creates a better product and saves our clients money.


A video is only as great as the impact it makes on its audience and before it can do that, it has to have an audience. Working with our media and social media teams, we develop a content strategy that ensures the right people see, share and make purchasing decisions based on your new video. The cameras are ready to roll—contact us and let’s have your people talk to our people.


To see a larger selection of Happy Medium’s video work, visit our Vimeo page.