Social Media

Social Media

Social Media is an integral part of any good marketing strategy. Customers spend a huge percentage of their time on social, and any business not meeting them there is letting opportunities pass them by. Happy Medium can help your business take advantage of those opportunities by providing social media marketing, advertising and management services.

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The world of social media is getting increasingly competitive. Nearly every business needs to have a presence but it isn’t enough anymore just to be there—you have to be active. That’s where Happy Medium’s award-winning social media team comes in. We’ll put together comprehensive plans with daily execution of compelling content across all social media channels. Happy Medium can help you get the most from your posts.


By get to know your brand, voice and customer and then mixing post times and styles, Happy Medium provides a full-service social media solution, from setting up the accounts to having them compete in the market. Using the latest information and analysis available and integrating a unified vision across all platforms, Happy Medium translates your brand onto social. Happy Medium’s social media implementation services include:

  • Generation and publication of contents for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Snapchat
  • Community management by responding to questions and comments
  • Creation of contest and giveaways
  • Custom video, Facebook Live and GIFs
  • Profile development
  • Custom cover photos and profile pictures
  • Custom Snapchat geofilters
  • Monthly analytics reports
  • Development of a social media response plan
  • Verification within Google Places


When executing social media plans, Happy Medium provides our clients with monthly reports full of the insights. This analysis not only shows you how our efforts are doing, but it provides a road map for our team to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing social media world.


We view each social media client as a partnership. That means thoroughly researching each client, responding to community questions, spending time on location at events and gathering content through the use of photography and video.

For many brands, a social presence is the key point of contact for their customers and Happy Medium takes that responsibility seriously. We work with our clients to establish a custom trust level so that you feel well-represented. That’s worth a lot of likes.


If your organization or company has taken the time, energy and expense to plan, organize and execute a large event or function, make sure you’ve planned to cover it on social media. Live event coverage builds authenticity and is essential for your audience to become invested in your story. Non-attendees who missed the party can still be engaged on the same level as the people in the building.

Happy Medium offers its award-winning team to provide social promotion leading up to the event and live event coverage on the day or days. This includes photography and video. We’ll put a megaphone to your event so you can focus on the important task of making sure it runs smoothly.


Many organizations understand the need for a robust social media presence and have allocated time and energy to it but don’t know where to start. Happy Medium loves sharing its expertise in one-time presentations and speaking engagements. We’ll bring our knowledge to you in a constantly updated, dynamic presentation that can be tailored to your needs to help you get started in this necessary but intimidating world. We’ll lift the veil and empower you to succeed.

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