SEO & Analytics

SEO & Analytics

You’ve got a great website—make sure people can find it and use it. From link analysis to crawl issue reporting and analytics, our Happy Medium experts in search engine optimization use an arsenal of SEO weapons to research every potential opportunity for your site to get the attention it deserves.

SEO Planning

Disregarding SEO makes as much sense as building a beautiful building for your company and then not installing doors. Or building it on a deserted island. Or the bottom of the ocean. At Happy Medium, we bring your site out of the depths of the search engine result page and to a place where people can land. We create a comprehensive SEO plan involving on-page code structure, content creation and a link-building strategy, all of which help your site rise higher and higher on the list of search returns and ensure it stays there.

Crunching the Numbers

Call us data nerds—don’t worry, we take it as a compliment. When you dive into SEO and analytics, you inevitably encounter a dizzying amount of data. But what does it all mean? Data’s only useful if you know how to use it, and that’s where our experts come in. Don’t stress out poring over confusing charts, graphs and diagrams. Let us put on our hard hats and find you a few useful diamonds in the rough.

Google Analytics

Analytics—a big advantage! Our team has years of experience working with Google Analytics, Google AdWords and other trusted SEO and analytics tools like Moz, which means we also know how to use this information to your benefit. We love digging into the data regarding your website visitors and mining it for nuggets of useful information that help your business get in front of the competition. More web traffic means you get more business—that’s a win win!

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

It’s a group effort. SEO is a complex concept involving a number of factors converging in a mysterious algorithm. That might sound intimidating, but with a diverse team like ours, we’re up for the challenge. SEO is an ongoing process, and we won’t rest until we get you the results you want, and make sure they don’t disappear. When you work with Happy Medium, you’re leveraging the skill sets of multiple teams from web development, media buying and social media and all working together for a common cause—yours!

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