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Find Your Pulse. Find Your Purpose.

From a standard logo to your tone and voice, a brand is everything that sets your business apart from competitors in the mind of consumers. And to build loyal customers, your brand and your business need to be in sync. We created The Pulse Workshop to diagnose the strength of your marketing and identify where you can beef up your brand to connect
with audiences.

The Pulse Workshop is a personalized, full-day session where businesses collaborate with experts from Happy Medium to clarify the core tenants of its brand. This workshop helps businesses gain a thorough understanding of its brand while giving Happy Medium the intel we need to craft a custom marketing plan that puts the brand into action.

what you will learn


Brand Purpose & Value Proposition

Your brand purpose is your why. Why your business does what it does. Why your business makes a difference. Why your business differs from competitors. We help you discover and define your brand’s purpose so your business’ unique value proposition consistently shows up to customers.


Brand Attributes & Position

Brand attributes are the parts of a brand that consumers notice first. Logos, brand voice, and tone of voice all need to work together to create a distinctive persona for your business. This workshop establishes the foundation of your brand attributes and identifies how they should be positioned to customers.


Target Audiences

Even the strongest brands can be ignored when directed at the wrong audience. The Pulse Workshop is designed to pinpoint the audiences you should be targeting to make the strongest connections.


Bridging the Gap

Once your brand is defined and target audiences are identified, we start building the roadmap that takes you from where your brand stands now to your ideal position within the marketplace and the minds of consumers.