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It takes two to tell a story—the storyteller and the audience. Marketing is about connecting the two. With a combination of compelling creative and research-driven targeting, Happy Medium’s media services are part circus ringmaster, part heat-seeking missile.

  • No Stone Unturned

    A sound media strategy relies on sound research. We factor in everything, from time of day to audience to delivery method, before building a comprehensive plan. A decision without all the information is just a guess.

  • Right On Target

    An ad seen by a customer who will never have interest in your product is wasted money. Our sophisticated digital targeting, driven by the latest research and planning, puts your ads in the pockets of only the most probable customers.

  • New Horizons

    Our media campaigns are based on goals, much like your business. We’ll work with you on a custom plan, set our strategy, and deliver success.




Television, radio, print, and billboards all have incredible reach, and with a little strategy, can be the most effective way to sell your message.



When done right, digital advertising is like hand-delivering a message to the exact right people. The ability to target audiences to the finest details turns your ads into heat-seeking missiles.

Anyone can be seen. Make sure you’re being seen by those who matter most.

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