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Design is far more than how something looks. Who you are, what you’re all about, and what you present to the world should all be by design. Do you know what you’re saying when you talk without words?

  • pictures with a purpose

    Good design is about intentionality—every curve, every corner, every color serves the purpose of telling a brand's story. At Happy Medium, there are no happy accidents, only deliberate design decisions.

  • pictures with a plan

    Those decisions are based on a strategy, created by listening and collaborating with the client, that allows a design to fit in or drive an overall identity—one that’s unique to you.

  • pictures for the public

    And that strategy is dedicated to making a connection. At Happy Medium, design speaks, design resonates, and design brings people closer to the things they want. Engineers design bridges between two things, and so do we.




The web is its own canvas, demanding its own set of paintbrushes, pencils and pallet knives. Luckily for you, we are the digital da Vincis.



Everything you do should look and feel unmistakably you. Your printed marketing materials should be seeped in your style, with a little flair here and there.



Representing yourself can be difficult. We’re the creative third party. We see you for who you are and we make sure others do, too.

Whatever your message, we’ll give it shape, color, and texture.

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