Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Your marketing material, whether it be a flyer, postcard or logo—represents you and your business. You can’t afford to have material that looks outdated, unprofessional or ineffective. Happy Medium’s graphic design team specializes in making your values visual.

Look Good, Feel Good

Your visual identity is an extension of your brand. A logo is the same as an employee—it represents your business. To make sure you’re communicating what you want, Happy Medium does extensive branding exercises, to get to know you, your audience and your values. User experience (UX) testing and research informs our strategy and confirms directions when we start down the right path. Then it’s as simple as translating your story visually.
Your brand is unique and so are our designs. Everything our team does is from scratch, including custom photography when appropriate. Nobody wants to show up to the party wearing the same dress, nor should your visual identity be anybody’s but your own.

Covered On All Counts

Your visual identity should be consistent over every channel. Happy Medium is experienced in logo and website design, display board design and other material like e-blasts and print pieces including brochures, booklets and newsletters. Whether it’s stationery or business cards, event signage or presentation material, it’s speaking for your business so make sure it speaks beautifully with Happy Medium.

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