Orchestrate Hospitality

Orchestrate Hospitality


Orchestrate Hospitality, based in Des Moines, Iowa, was looking to redesign their website which acted both as an informational portal as well as a job board. Mainly known as a restaurateur, Orchestrate wanted their new site to emphasize their other holdings including hotels and a grocery store. Lastly, being a professional and sophisticated management group, Orchestrate wanted their company’s culture to be reflected through the website as well.

Accessible on Any Device

Happy Medium worked with the hotel and restaurant management company to give their site a modern look as well as implement some new features to make it more user-friendly. When the site was being designed, mobile usage had just passed the 50% mark in the United States. With that information in mind, Happy Medium developed a site that is fully responsive and accommodates any screen size or device.


Streamlining the Job Application Workflow

One of the primary functions of the website was to advertise job openings and accept job applications. Happy Medium built a custom WordPress module which integrated job listings, job applications and associated properties. The new site streamlines their hiring process and enables them to fill positions with qualified candidates more quickly.
Since there’s no guarantee that job applicants are using a large screen on a desktop computer, Happy Medium’s responsive design once again provides value by making the application process easy and mobile.



In meeting with Orchestrate, Happy Medium discovered that the public saw them mainly through their high-profile restaurants and were relatively unaware of their involvement in other properties. Happy Medium proposed an autoplay video in the header of the new site that gave detailed glimpses into the myriad events taking place under their collective roofs. Happy Medium’s creative team captured such moments like the check-in process at a hotel, a customer’s perusal of fresh produce at the grocery store and the construction of a coal-fired pizza to illustrate how the small miracles that happen under their care combine to become…well…orchestral.

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