Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm is a super regional mattress company that is constantly opening new stores. They have partnered with Happy Medium for media buying and for graphic design on their material for employee trainings and seminars.
In late 2013, Mattress Firm was poised to open a store in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, market for the first time. For their store launch, Mattress Firm came to Happy Medium looking for a way to make a splash in a market that was previously unaware of the company, especially since store openings often determine the success or failure of their franchises.


To make an impact, Happy Medium knew we had to combine traditional advertising with substantial news coverage. By partnering with a public relations firm, we were able to garner significant press coverage that ran in concert with the coordinated campaign of television and newspaper ads we developed. As a result, the store had the biggest opening in terms of sales numbers of any Mattress Firm store.


A year later, Mattress Firm planned to open another store in Fort Dodge, Iowa, another new market. With Happy Medium’s media buying and promotional help, we broke the Sioux Falls sales record and had another historic opening.

Making Media Friends

Whenever Happy Medium enters a new market, we go all-in. We make personal relationships with the stations and print media. We do in-depth research of each outlet’s demographics and their readership or viewership. In each market, Happy Medium does a thorough analysis of the media habits of our client’s competitors and determines where we should differentiate ourselves.



As a fast-growing company, Mattress Firm is constantly hiring new employees to support their stores. Impressing their friendly, close-knit culture onto their new hires is of paramount importance to them, and because of that, they hold a number of new-hire trainings and orientations. Happy Medium produces internal documents that make Mattress Firm’s on-boarding process more efficient while introducing new employees to the company’s culture. From manuals to internal posters, Happy Medium has been able to make Mattress Firm’s fun and family-centered personality come alive on page.