Happy Medium teamed up with Orchestrate Hospitality for the launch of their new restaurant: Malo. This new property had a more adventurous menu that featured Nuevo Latino items that were previously underrepresented in the area. Orchestrate wanted to invite diners to take a few risks in an environment that mixes Latin street culture with upscale casual dining. To tell that story, we needed to translate the vibrant atmosphere that exists inside the restaurant onto the Web.

Not That Kind of Latin

One of the considerable challenges Malo faced was countering the perception that they would be just another Mexican restaurant. As a Nuevo Latino restaurant, many details of the space had to incorporate art and styles that are normally unseen in a typical Mexican cantina. Happy Medium wanted the website to reflect the overall aesthetic, so we paid close attention to the materials being used to design the restaurant and incorporated them into the site.

Custom Menu Plug-in

One of the issues with new restaurants is that within the first year, there is an incredible amount of tinkering that goes on with the menu. Prices change, menu items drop off, brunch gets added, add-ons get subtracted and even service times can change considerably. Happy Medium developed a custom WordPress plug-in to ensure that management could quickly and easily change the website menu to stay up-to-date and ensure that diners who researched the restaurant ahead of time could order what made them so hungry in the first place.

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Building an audience

Happy Medium launched Malo’s social media campaign while the restaurant was still being built to generate buzz and engage potential customers before they could even look at a menu. By releasing exclusive menu announcements and running contests to drive reach and engagement, Happy Medium was able to establish a healthy social media following by the time Malo opened its doors.

After the grand opening (and around 5,000 Facebook fans later), Happy Medium continued to grow Malo’s social media presence by advertising upcoming service times like brunch and late night, providing sneak peeks at new or featured menu items, and encouraging customer feedback. Happy Medium also managed Malo’s response to the rare negative comments.

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