Knapp Properties

Knapp Properties

Happy Medium was approached by Knapp Properties to update and refocus its brand. This included new design language that we applied to its website, advertisements and print and digital collateral.




Knapp Properties has a long history of development and community building in central Iowa, yet its marketing materials weren’t conveying the passion and professionalism that had made Knapp what it is today. Happy Medium created new marketing materials to help communicate its core beliefs and differentiating factors while launching the look and feel of its business into the 21st century.

Knapp’s new designs are modular for a greater degree of flexibility when creating ads, brochures, and other materials. We chose new fonts for better readability, and through a “more human” font, we were able to better communicate the long-standing relationship it has with the surrounding area.

Lastly, we coordinated a new series of photos that properly show off the grand scale of projects that Knapp has had a hand in over the years. With new and better photos, Knapp’s flyers are more compelling, ads are more eye-catching, and its place at the top of the real-estate world has been reaffirmed.

Property Search

Using the search function on any commercial property website tends to be a cumbersome process. Users often set multiple filters to ensure accurate results, but they often end up on pages showing zero results. This was a frustrating part of the property search function that we wanted to fix, and we did so by building a streamlined search process with very low penalties for failure. By using a linear model for our filters and dynamically updated information on categories, we ensured that users would find properties that they wanted without hitting any dead ends. Fewer failures meant a smoother experience and a better impression of Knapp overall.

Easy to use, Easy to update

With so many properties coming and going, it was essential for Knapp to keep its website be up-to-date. The previous website was difficult and time-consuming for the staff to update and therefore would frequently include outdated information, a frustration for brokers and customers alike. In addition to building a new website, Happy Medium built a custom web application which helped staff from Knapp Properties keep the site up-to-date. The application takes advantage of several APIs, including the Google Drive API, so prices and availability of lots are always up-to-date on the Knapp Properties website.

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Now that the site was ready and updated with a new look, it was time to match Knapp’s email marketing efforts to the redesigned site. Using the same assets and styles, Happy Medium created a custom email template so that everyone on Knapp’s list received consistent, highly-attractive messaging.

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