Ironwood Homes

Ironwood Homes

What started with a website for Ironwood Homes turned into a partnership that opened the door for custom email marketing, social media management, video projects and graphics for special events.

Beautiful Homes on Any Device

Ironwood was dissatisfied with their old site because they felt it didn’t reflect the sleek and modern aesthetic that they put into their homes. Furthermore, the site was difficult to update quickly which was a problem when new lots or models became available. They also felt they were losing customers because their site did not adapt on mobile devices. We told them we had it covered.

Happy Medium built a responsive website featuring professional interior and exterior photos of their developments. Now, the Ironwood Homes website is not only optimized for any device, but it can be viewed with crisp quality on High DPI displays as well.




Content Management

Jon Sieck, the owner, and the Ironwood team can now update the website at any time using the open-source content management system Happy Medium installed on the website—no need to call up the agency for simple changes when they can easily do it themselves for free.

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As managers of Ironwood’s social media, Happy Medium quickly realized the potential of sharing exclusive content on Ironwood’s social platforms. By taking original photos of homes being built and the people building them, Happy Medium was able to share exclusive, behind-the-scenes looks into Ironwood’s process and professionalism. Coupled with photos of recently completed beautiful homes, Happy Medium constructed a compelling social narrative of homes in constant progress, growing Ironwood’s Facebook following by more than 50% in a year.


In 2013, Ironwood Homes decided to lend their considerable support to Operation Finally Home, an organization that builds and gives mortgage-free homes to injured veterans. Happy Medium was brought in to build custom graphics for events tied to the project and to document the process and produce a video that could be shared on social media.

Building a house is not easy, and it doesn’t happen very quickly. While we would normally wrap up a shoot in the span of a week or a month, documenting a house being built was a project that required a lot of patience, as it took nearly a year from the announcement to the ribbon-cutting. The long-term investment paid off with a video that shows both the detailed process of the home building and the emotional journey taken of Nathan Mason, the veteran who received the home, and his family. The advantage of following the project through every step over a long period of time allowed Happy Medium to capture the enormity of the undertaking both as a development and as a gesture of overwhelming generosity.


Ironwood Homes was not entirely sure what they wanted out of the video, so it was up to Happy Medium to try to shape it as much as possible. We scheduled interviews, staked out every event with cameras and microphones, and learned as much as we could from the people who pitched in on the building process, the family who was being helped, and everyone in between. It became clear that a community-centric narrative was forming, rallied around Mason’s admirable service and Ironwood’s altruism.