Bullet Journaling 101

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kristen blogThere’s a new trend in organizing and journaling and planning called Bullet Journaling, you might have heard about it. People are getting really into it, including some in the Happy Medium office, including some who are me. I’ll admit it, I’m in love with bullet journaling.

If you aren’t familiar, you might be asking yourself, “What is it and why the heck is this girl so obsessed with it!?”

Bullet journaling is good for people who…

  • Love to-do lists, and lots of them
  • Really like pen and paper lists
  • Like tracking goals and habits
  • Like stationary, paper/pens, scrapbooking and stickers
  • Haven’t found the perfect planner that suits all their needs

A bullet journal is whatever you want it to be. That’s the great (and also maybe scary) thing about bullet journaling. You start with a blank notebook and transform it into what you need. I love the Moleskin dotted grid journal in black.

My Bullet Journal is ready for March, and yours? ⭐️ #BulletJournalMonthlyLog

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The best place to start if you’re new to bullet journaling is the Bullet Journal website which has some very clear guidelines on how to bullet journal. I like to make my own rules, so I recommend starting with the official Bullet Journal guidelines and tweaking it from there once you see what works best for you. Buzzfeed has some really great instructions for how to customize. And if you’re really into pens, stickers and washi tape, here are 19 products to help take your bullet journaling to the next level.

?Black and white can never go wrong.? ?: @studyng

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Here’s the thing about bullet journaling – it’s a great way to get all your thoughts, ideas, goals, plans and tasks in one place and it’s not digital. If you’re really creative, I think you could probably make bullet journaling work on your computer or phone, but the point is that this is in a physical notebook.

Once you’re ready to start customizing your bullet journal, check out #bulletjournal on Instagram. It’s a treasure trove of great ideas of how to make your bullet journal your own. I’m more of a minimalist but it’s totally up to you… And that’s the best part!


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