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Part of starting any new job is immersing yourself in a new company culture, meeting a new group of people and wondering whether or not coffee is provided. Through Happy Medium’s onboarding process implemented by HM Culture, I felt so prepared to begin my first day, and I even felt integrated with the team after the first week.

Let’s Do This

A few days before my first day, I received an e-mail from HM Culture complete with everything I needed to know prior to Day One at Happy Medium—where to park, company dress code, even fun questions like, “What size do you typically wear in a t-shirt or sweatshirt?” and “Would you like a mouse or trackpad?”—a mouse, please!. I was also given access to my calendar which already had meetings and events to look forward to, including my first-day agenda.

First Day

After arriving at Happy Medium, I knew from my e-mail to park out front and meet Lauren at her desk first. Lauren gave me my parking pass and even went above and beyond and rode with me so I knew exactly where to park. Thanks, Lauren!

When I got to my desk, there was a Happy Medium water bottle, a welcome note signed by everyone in the company and an HM Gives Back t-shirt in my size. I also had the mouse I requested to use on my new laptop.

After getting my desk set up, I knew from my calendar to head to the creative room to meet with Jill and Julie from HM Culture. They took a deeper dive into the norms here at Happy Medium, talked about the employee handbook and allowed me to ask any questions that I had. Katie also joined us to tell me about Happy Medium’s history.

Later that morning, after my office tour, I went to my scheduled lunch with Grace, Jamie and Jill. This was a way to introduce me to members of the team outside my department. I even got to pick the place! When I got back to the office, part of my afternoon task was filling out a sheet called “My Favorite Things.” This sheet lives in the community room where anyone can look at it to get to know each other a little bit better.


First Week

After my first day—which was a success!—I came back ready to conquer the rest of the week. Another task Culture had asked me to complete was a personality test. The results of this were not only important for me, but for my coworkers as well. From the test, I got a better understanding of my work and team values, and I was able to compare my results to everyone in the office. This allowed me to understand how to work best with everyone.

The rest of the week included a sprinkling of meetings set up by Culture to get to know each department at Happy Medium and the people who work in them. These were thirty-minute opportunities for me to meet my coworkers and learn about how each department works with my department. I also learned important facts like if people are Iowa State or Iowa fans.

The week concluded with a surprise at my desk Friday morning — my favorite beverage, snack and a note from HM Culture. Man, do they know how a to make a newbie feel like part of the team the first week!


Thanks to HM Culture and the Happy Medium onboarding process, transitioning into my new job was worry-free. I had every tool I needed, got a chance to meet all my coworkers and found out quickly that yes, coffee is provided.

Paige Winters is a a graphic designer at Happy Medium, Paige listens to client’s needs and determines the visual direction for their print and digital applications. Using client’s existing brand guidelines, she creates new marketing materials and produces work that engages its audience. Paige has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Iowa State University.

  • Ali Hirschauer

    The first day on the job can be so nerve wracking! Finding a company that goes above and beyond to abate any awkward “newness” feelings you may have is SO important and can lead to earlier productivity and contribution. Congrats on finding an awesome place to work!

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