Nick Renkoski

Nick Renkoski

As Happy Medium’s creative director, Nick oversees the production and execution of creative projects from websites, marketing materials, television commercials, videos and graphic design. Nick holds a degree in journalism from the University of Missouri.

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Posts by Nick:

Nick joined the team in 2013 and has written 22 posts.

Much Ads Do About Nothing

From Cardi B to guacamole, the surprisingly tame Super Bowl LII ads were as remarkable for what they left out as for what they left in.

Interview Questions that Great Candidates Nail

Taking the time to hire the right employees saves time later. Creative Director Nick Renkoski shares a few questions that can highlight whether or not a candidate is the right fit for your company.

What To Look For When Partnering With a Video Company

Brands need video but finding the right video partner can be tough. Happy Medium provides a guide of what to look for.

The Times They Are A-Changing

The tech world is always changing. Creative Director Nick plays Nostradamus to give some insight on what game changers are on their way.

The Search for Creativity

Creativity comes in all shapes and forms. If it’s your job to be creative, like Creative Director Nick, you need to know how to find those good ideas.

Happiness Gets to Work

Creative Director Nick reviews how happiness can have a much larger impact on a company. From culture to productivity, investing in employees’ happiness is worth the effort.

Reasons for Optimism: Why One Pessimist is Looking Forward to the Future

It’s easy to think that things have never been worse but that would be ignoring the many reasons that 2016 is the best year yet. Here are the ways the future looks bright and full of optimism.

In Praise of Jingles

Creative Director Nick misses jingles in ads. He’d like to teach the world to sing all over again.

2015: A Year In Review

2015 has been a remarkable year at Happy Medium, both in and out of the office.

‘Tis the Season…For Quizzing Clients

What’s a Yule Log? How do you wassail? These were the questions on our minds this holiday season so we decided to ask a few of our clients.