Kristen Sabin

Kristen Sabin

Kristen is the director of accounts at Happy Medium, leading our accounts team in building and sustaining client relationships. She is constantly researching and learning about the latest trends in marketing, branding and advertising to make sure all Happy Medium clients are among the best of the best in their industries. Kristen has a degree in public relations and apparel merchandising from Iowa State University.

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Posts by Kristen:

Kristen joined the team in 2012 and has written 18 posts.

Happy Medium Annual Report

Annual reports are a company telling people how they did in a given year. A year for a business is about profit, growth and expansion but it’s also about, at least for Happy Medium, new houses, new pets, new adventures.

Bullet Journaling 101

Need a new way to stay organized? Director of Accounts Kristen reviews her latest obsession in project management: bullet journaling!

5 Apps You Need Right Now

Finding useful apps can be a challenge in a sea of options. Account Director Kristen narrowed down five that she currently can’t live without.

5 Lessons Learned in Business (and Life) from Olivia Pope

Lessons in life, love and being a boss from the OG: OP.

How to Succeed on Tinder

All the Single Ladies of Happy Medium banded together to see exactly who could be more embarrassed by Tinder. Using specific rules over a couple of weeks, we learned a little about online dating and a lot about the eligible men of Des Moines.

Social Media Day 2015

Social Media Day is coming up and Happy Medium has something planned, of course. Kristen gives us a preview of what Happy Medium has planned.

What’s New at CES

Every January, the CES conference in Las Vegas lays out all the coolest trends and tech gadgets on the horizon. Kristen takes a look at what was revealed at the conference and finds out what we’ll all soon be unable to live without.

Things to do in the summer in Des Moines

Summer in Des Moines is when all the fun happens! Kristen and the Happy Medium team dish on some of their favorite events.

Let’s Do Something Different

“Doing something different” was the trend for this year’s Super Bowl ads. Kristen writes her thoughts on this year’s batch of ads and which ones stood out to her.

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick

Kristen writes about the importance of being digitally-savvy and forward-thinking in today’s world of marketing and advertising.