Jill Patterson

Jill Patterson

Jill is an account coordinator at Happy Medium and focuses on internal Happy Medium work and overseeing those projects. She has a corporate communications degree from Buena Vista University.

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Posts by Jill:

Jill joined the team in 2014 and has written 10 posts.

Interview Tips From A Hiring Manager

Nailing an interview takes a little common sense and a lot of preparation. Account Coordinator Jill Patterson shares some tips she’s learned from the other side of the process.

My Role As an Account Coordinator in 2014 vs 2017

Growth and success are what you make it. Account Coordinator Jill Patterson discusses her journey at Happy Medium and how she has grown in the past three years.

Happy Medium Goes Glamping

Happy Medium recently returned from our latest team retreat, a glamping trip to Clear Lake!

HM Gets Crafty for the Holiday

Happy Medium really gets into the holiday spirit every year, and what better way than crafts? With instructions for you to make at your office or home!

Perfect 10? iPhone updates its iOS

Apple has come out with a new iOS for iPhones and Account Coordinator Jill is there to walk you through all the new features and abilities.

The Art of a Company Retreat

Retreats: forced awkward bonding or the best thing ever? Happy Medium chimes in with what works for the company.

A Letter to Santa

With just a few days left, Happy Medium account coordinators finally got around to asking Santa what they want this year.

You’ve Got Mail in 2015

Nearly 20 years after the movie, Email is no longer a novelty, but there’s still an art to it. Account Coordinator and email junkie Jill gives you all the tips to outfox your inbox.

My Experience with Fantasy Football

The temperatures have cooled, the leaves have changed and fallen and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. That must mean it’s football season! Jill takes a look at America’s love of fantasy football and shares her experience with the sport.

Buzzfeed, the Phenomenon That Is

You heard of Buzzfeed? Yeah? Well, it’s one of Jill’s favorite things. Find out her Buzzfeed guilty pleasures and other #cat #meow #meangirls references.