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Your Google AdWords Guide

Digital advertising is a necessity and Google AdWords are one of the biggest players in the space. Do you know what you’re doing to turn a little bit of copy into a sale? We break it down for you.

Why I’m So Happy to Work for Happy Medium

At Happy Medium, hard work is rewarded with good times. Senior Account Manager Matt Gayman explains some of his favorite HM events that have made working here all the happier.

A Friendly Email: Just Do It

We’ve all heard “business before pleasure,” but does business have to be so straightforward and unpleasant? Media Director Julie Welch explains why it’s worth your time to add a personal element to your professional interactions.

Why You Need Generation Z

They’re everywhere, and that’s a good thing! Know why you should be marketing to Gen Z and learn how it’s done.

Okay Kids, It’s Story Time – The History of Snapchat

It’s been 5 years since Snapchat ended up on every teenager’s phone. Lead Social Media Strategist Grace takes a look at the history of the app and whether it’s well-suited to brands.

Dear Bailey

After 8 months of being Happy Medium’s social media intern, Bailey writes a letter to her past self about what she can expect.

Parental Leave: Why Is This Still a Debate?

Media Director Julie taps into her personal experience on the benefits of paid parental leave and why this should be an obvious standard in the United States.

Road to 10k Instagram Followers: Month 1

After our first month of new Instagram strategies, we report back on what worked as we strive to get to 10k followers in 2017.

Climbing Our Way to 10K: Our Instagram Journey

We’re honest. We’re transparent. And we’re lifting the veil and letting you join us on our social media department’s Instagram goal for 2017.

A Year in Photos from Team Happy Medium

As we prepare to ring in 2017, Communications Director Alison takes a dive into the personal year of Happy Medium team members and what landed as their top photo memory of 2016.