Grace Wenzel

Grace Wenzel

Grace is the lead social media strategist at Happy Medium. She leads the social team to grow engagement, creates strategies and campaigns, generates reports and manages customer service to make sure Happy Medium’s clients get more out of social media than just fans and likes. She is also responsible for keeping Happy Medium's social offerings competitive and cutting edge. Grace graduated from Drake University with degrees in radio/TV producing and English.

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Posts by Grace:

Grace joined the team in 2015 and has written 8 posts.

Okay Kids, It’s Story Time – The History of Snapchat

It’s been 5 years since Snapchat ended up on every teenager’s phone. Lead Social Media Strategist Grace takes a look at the history of the app and whether it’s well-suited to brands.

Road to 10k Instagram Followers: Month 1

After our first month of new Instagram strategies, we report back on what worked as we strive to get to 10k followers in 2017.

From Live to Lifestyle and Back Again

Social Media Strategist Grace dives into what makes live features successful across social media and why it’s worth getting familiar with the offering.

Thinking Beyond The Blog: Why Podcasting Matters

Brands are constantly trying to find creative ways to share their message. Social Media Strategist Grace discusses why podcasting is a medium to be considered.

Our Reaction to Facebook Reactions

Today’s the big day! This fall, Facebook announced they’d be rolling out a new way to engage with posts on the social media juggernaut. Since Facebook’s inception, users have complained about the lack of a “dislike” button or something to that equivalent. Enter Facebook Reactions. (And subsequently, our reaction to Facebook Reactions.)

How to Win The Bachelor (Or How to Create an Authentic Social Media Presence)

“Winning” The Bachelor is a lot like #winning on social media. Being present, authentic, and engaged builds that relationship with your potential spouse and your followers.

An Interview with An Advertising Executive

Social Media Strategist Grace is starting a one-man campaign to get a cranky, old-fashioned, often verbally abusive potato to become the Internet’s next star.

Volunteering in the Workplace (I Promise I’m Not a Suck-Up)

Grace spent her summer volunteering with a leadership organization. Find out what she learned, how you can implement a giving environment at your work and what the return is for your clients and employees.