About Happy Medium

Happy Medium is a full-service interactive agency in Des Moines, Iowa. Our friendly approach combines the old with the new. Our strategy is built on honesty. It produces results.

We work in a fast-paced industry, one that changes every day. We find that to be so exciting, and it makes us want to work that much harder to stay on top of the trends and movements, but even among all this new, new, new, we do something at Happy Medium which might seem old-fashioned. We believe in true partnerships. We believe in saying what we mean and doing what we say. We believe that collaboration is mutually beneficial. We find that partnerships built on transparency in which both parties want to work together to create the best work, which is the only work we’re interested in doing.

We believe in making people happy. Let’s work together.

Meet our team below.

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Katie Patterson

Founder | CEO

Kristen Walker

Director of Accounts | Leadership

Doug Choi

Art Director | Leadership

Nick Renkoski

Creative Director | Leadership

Kevin Snyder


Julie Welch

Media Director | Culture Team

Lauren Reuland

Office Manager

Jill Patterson

Account Coordinator | Culture Team

Sarah Fisch

Visual Designer

Grace Wenzel

Social Media Strategist

Nicki Mittelbrun

Media Coordinator

Alison Monaghan

Communications Director

Kodie Grantham

Senior Product Engineer

Jamie Keomanivong

Senior Developer

Ellen Butler

UX Director

Sam Lowry

SEO/SEM Strategist

Page Smith

Lead Developer

Stephanie Reinhold

Executive Assistant

Lilly Faucher

Account Coordinator

Katherine Forst

Account Coordinator